Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

Do you know how important it is to get Middlesex County fertilizer service? A healthy lawn needs more than trimming, water, and sunshine. It needs a balanced amount of good fertilizer applied regularly to keep it strong and fresh. Fertilizing your lawn also takes more than dumping a bag of store fertilizer on your lawn. For your convenience, we have some of the science of why you need fertilizer, what fertilizer you need, and how you should fertilize it. Here’s the why, what, and how!

Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn? | Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

The soil that your grass grows on should be rich in nutrients right now. All good soil has nutrients that help your grass to grow, and to keep it growing healthily. It keeps it green and alive. However, over time these nutrients are slowly depleted. Usually this is because they are washed away after numerous rain storms, sprinklers, and floods. Now your lawn does need this water to stay healthy, but the water will continue to take some nutrients with it every time it feeds your lawn. Therefore, your lawn will need to be replenished with these nutrients every once in a while, and that is where your fertilizer comes to help.

What Should I Fertilize My Lawn With?

When you go to look for soil fertilizers, mainly each fertilizer will carry different amounts of the following three nutrients: Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. Potassium makes your lawn stronger. It’s able to resist damage and disease a lot more as the potassium toughens up the grass. Phosphorus keeps the roots of your lawn and plants strong and healthy. This will tackle the base of the problem and help your lawn grow better than ever. Nitrogen works to help leaves grow, especially because it helps to produce chlorophyll. This chemical makes your leaves green and is necessary to the process of photosynthesis. All of these nutrients are extremely necessary in growing a healthy lawn. It is up to you as to which kind of fertilizer you get that may favor one nutrient over another. A professional would also be able to help you know which nutrient a struggling garden may need to grow back faster. Having more nitrogen in your fertilizers will definitely promote a healthier lawn. For added nitrogen, you could also leave some sprinkles of grass clippings on your lawn so they can decompose and give more nutrients back to your lawn. Proper lawn maintenance professionals will keep your lawn looking neat, while also giving it the extra nutrients it needs to stay strong.

How Should I Fertilize My Lawn? | Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

The two main types of fertilizer out there are either liquid or granular. Liquid is easier to use and fast acting for your lawn, but it still comes with problems. This fertilizer will require a lot more re-applications for it to keep working. It will also pose a higher risk of “burning” your lawn if you apply too much fertilizer. Granular fertilizers take more time, but you do not have to use them as often. One uses a rotary spreader to disperse this fertilizer on their lawn. This one is a more expensive than a liquid fertilizer, but there is much more room for margin of error if you plan to fertilize the lawn yourself. Of course, a professional can always help as well for a regularly fertilized yard. If your lawn needs a little more attention, a professional will be able to point you in the right direction.

Ready to Fertilize?

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