Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

When it comes to Middlesex County backyard landscaping, there are a lot of options available for what you can do. Because we experience all four seasons here in the Northeast, any choice of landscaping will generally look good. The major deciding factor for what you do will be how much space you have to work with. Here are some popular options among homeowners for having a beautiful, functional backyard. Professional Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

Options for Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

1. Patio – For many homeowners, having a patio installed is perfect. Whether you just like sitting out back or frequently have company, you’ll always have a place to gather on a nice day. They can be made to fit any aesthetic that you may have in mind and can really be a beautiful feature for your yard. 2. Garden – Gardens are another good option for many backyards. They can stay relatively close to the house, but may go out as far as you wish within property limits! Gardens are great for people who want another hobby or to grow some of their own food. The soil is amazing for growing here in the Garden State! Ask a landscaping a professional about adding a garden to your yard today! 3. Trees – Adding some trees can be good for several reasons, though it may be best suited for large yards. Trees do wonders for adding privacy to your home. Whether they’re used to block windows or just conceal your yard a bit, you’ll feel much more secure. They can also help to reduce the amount of noise that comes in from the outside. By including trees as part of your Middlesex County backyard landscaping, you’ll have something beautiful to look at in all seasons as well.

Looking for Professional Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping?

If you need the best in Middlesex County backyard landscaping, contact Jireh Landscaping today! Jireh can handle all of your landscaping needs whether it’s tree removal, basic lawn care, or a full landscaping makeover. Since 1995 they’ve offered high quality services to homeowners throughout Central NJ. For more information, contact them today!

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Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

Are you interested in getting backyard landscaping services? There are many benefits to getting a professional for backyard landscaping. While you may know some of the basic ones, there are also some unexpected benefits you can reap as well.

Benefits of Backyard Landscaping

  • Landscape contractors can beautify your home in unexpected ways: Not only does your home look better when you have a nice backyard landscaping design, but it even feels better. The United States Environmental Protection Agency found that planting trees outside your home can reduce noise by up to 50%. It can also mask the sounds of unwanted noises with pleasant sounds, like singing birds or the rustling of the leaves in the wind.
  • Certain types of landscaping can make your home more energy efficient: Those beautiful trees aren’t only hiding the sounds of traffic. They also shade your home and can reduce the need for air conditioning. A solid backyard landscaping design featuring shade trees can decrease the need for AC by a significant amount. Plants in general can lower your heating and cooling costs by up to 20% on average so long as those plants are placed properly by professional landscape contractors.
  • Hardscaping presents another benefit of calling up your local landscaping companies: Landscaping doesn’t just have to be limited to planting trees and shrubs or spreading some mulch. It can actually change the entire look of your home through a practice known as hardscaping. Hardscaping includes the additions of concrete patios and outdoor walkways, among other features, to alter the look of the home. Hardscape lighting is also beneficial by adding both a dramatic touch and some safety to your home.
  • Landscaping is good for your yard: You can tell when your lawn isn’t at its best. If the grass is yellowed or dry, then it can get damaged even if you simply walk on it. A landscaping designer will know how to best apply fertilizers and other treatments to keep your lawn looking green. Typically, for instance, a lawn needs about three to four pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, so landscapers can apply this treatment and others during the growing season.
  • Professional backyard landscaping designs may entice buyers if you ever have to sell: Research shows that spending as little as 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can actually increase its resale value later on by about 15%. Even home buyers acknowledge that a little bit of TLC with your lawn care can go a long way. A full 60% of buyers admitted that they were more willing to buy a home based on how well landscaped the yard was.

Looking for Excellent  Services?

Jireh Landscaping and Tree Service has been a full service residential and commercial tree or stump removal, landscaping and hardscaping, mulching, sod seeding, top soil, fertilization, pruning, decorative stone, fall and spring cleanup, weed control, lawn aeration and gutter cleaning company in Central NJ operating since 1995. We serve the Middlesex County, New Jersey area in towns such as North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Edison, Old Bridge, and many more.

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