Middlesex County Landscape Retaining Wall

Are you looking for the finishing touches on your yard and are considering a Middlesex County landscape retaining wall? Retaining walls can work to serve several purposes in your yard. The primary utility they offer is holding back earth that normally may collapse. They are generally installed on properties that have some sort of slope and/or a sunken patio or something similar. Here are some of the things that need to be done for the construction of a sturdy retaining wall.

Middlesex County Landscape Retaining Wall

1. Foundation – The foundation of your wall is an essential component, you can’t simply build up. The size of your foundation will depend upon the size of the retaining wall you need. For a shorter wall, you can get away with a trench that is filled with gravel and other small stones. For larger walls, the ground will need to be dug out and concrete will be poured in. 2. Backfill – In the area that is directly behind a freshly build Middlesex County landscape retaining wall, you will need to fill it in with gravel or sand. The reason for this backfill is because dirt will hold water and swell, putting more pressure on the wall. Gravel and sand do not hold water so this can help alleviate some of the weight against the back  of it. 3. Step-Back Construction – This is a method of building retaining walls that is commonly used by landscapers. Essentially, this is a wall that will be sloped towards the earth that is being held by them. This design can help to reduce the pressure that would be applied to a regular vertical wall. Walls that do not use step-back construction will need some additional form of support to keep them from toppling over. Middlesex County NJ Landscape Retaining Wall

Are You In Need of a Middlesex County Landscape Retaining Wall?

For many homeowners, a Middlesex County landscape retaining wall is a necessity for their property. In some cases, however, it may just provide a nice dynamic to the yard. They can be installed wherever you have slopes in your property, and a professional landscaper will help guide you in the right direction. Jireh Landscaping offers this service and many other to countless homeowners in Central NJ. They’ve provided top notch quality since 1995 and have the experience necessary to get the job done right. Contact them today for more information!

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