Maintenance Program

Let us eliminate landscape budget worries, while preserving the vitality, utility and visual appeal of your business outdoor environment.

Jireh Landscaping will attend to all of your site’s landscape management needs, ensuring a safe and welcoming place for your customers and employees.

We work closely with you to develop a long-term landscape service plan that fits your needs and budget as your landscape grows and transforms over time. And through continuous communication, we never surprise you with hidden or extra service charge.

Landscaping & hardscaping

Jireh Landscaping listens carefully to your needs, then incorporates them into the landscape of your dreams. We provide complete services like landscape maintenance, landscape design & installation, irrigation services, seasonal color design & installation, and arbor care.

Snow removal

Snow removal is a service that is necessary but fraught with difficulty. Many property managers feel a sense of dread with each snowy and icy forecast during the winter months. Slow service, unclear billing procedures, and difficult communication seem to be par for the course. At Jireh Landscaping we understand the challenge in contracting for snow removal services and we take an active approach to eliminating these stresses. Our guiding principle when entering these contracts is simple, “we will not commit to more than we can manage.”