Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Care

Do you have a business but don’t have Middlesex County commercial lawn care? Taking care of the property your business is on by yourself can be a huge hassle. It means either staying late to get some stuff done or coming in on a day off. Either way, that’s time that you should be resting or spending with your family. Instead, you should look into hiring professionals to take care of it, and here’s why.

Why You Need Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Care

1. Take some time to rest! If you’re a business owner or the owner of a plot of land that businesses are on, taking care of the grounds can be a lot of work. The bigger the property, the more work you need to put in. Most people already have their home property to tend to and don’t need the extra stress of another property. Instead of coming in on a Saturday or staying late on a week day to handle the lawn care, hire some professionals! They’ll give you the much needed rest you’ve been missing and let you spend more time with your family and friends without stressing. 2. It’ll look better. This is not meant to be an insult in any way to anyone who may be doing the lawn care themselves. The truth is that if you hire a big company, they do this for a living. That means they have a ton of equipment that you likely do not have yourself. They have equipment designed to handle large amounts of grass and property that it just wouldn’t make sense for you to buy yourself. Not only that, but they do this tons of times a day and just have more experience in keeping the lawn looking great. 3. Bring in some more business! We’ve all heard of the importance of a first impression. It’s the same for your business. Many people will first see your property as they drive by. If your property is nothing special to look at – even if it doesn’t look bad – it still may leave people less likely to stop in. A professionally groomed lawn just has this look to it that people love. When you hire professionals to take care of your Middlesex County commercial lawn care needs, you may open the door for more business.

Do You Need Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Care?

If you’ve been missing out on Middlesex County commercial lawn care, don’t wait any longer. Call Jireh Landscaping today for the best in lawn care and landscaping needs! Jireh has been serving the community since 1995 and added value and beauty to properties throughout Central NJ. Whether you need some lawn services or a full landscaping job done, contact them today at (732)246-2347 or visit the website!

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Paver Patio Installation in Middlesex County

Have you been debating whether to get a paver patio or concrete slab patio? Paver patios have gained in popularity in recent years because of their high appeal. Many people are replacing concrete slab patios to install the better paver patio. Let’s go through some of the top reasons explaining why  a paver patio is becoming so common.

Reasons to Consider a Paver Patio

  1. Lower Costs for Material & Installation: The cost of concrete pavers are much less than other types of paving products because they are manufactured with machines as compared to other naturally occurring products. Concrete pavers are usually less expensive than clay pavers, granite pavers or sandstone pavers. When considering maintenance and replacement costs, concrete pavers are an economical long-term alternative to other types of paving options. For very small and simple projects cost can be lowered even by a home owner installing the paver patio themselves.
  2. Varieties of Shapes and Colors: Concrete pavers come in an endless number of styles and color possibilities, giving you many options for your paver patio. Concrete pavers are manufactured to look like natural paving materials. Some of the different styles include stone-like pavers and clay brick-like pavers. Light colored pavers offer a cooler surface. The earth tone colors harmonize with any decor, blending naturally into the landscape, and providing elegance, grace, beauty, and functionality. The same project can use two or more different colors of concrete pavers in addition to a mix of different textures.
  3. Durability & Flexibility: Concrete pavers are manufactured in a steel mold under exacting factory conditions & tight dimensional tolerances, resulting in a paver patio that is many times stronger than regular poured concrete and more durable than black asphalt. They can withstand years of abuse and last for generations. In addition these interlocking paving units allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks unlike monolithic concrete surfaces and stamped concrete. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking.
  4. Very Easy Maintenance: A paver patio is low-maintenance and offers lower life-cycle costs than any other paving products (such as Asphalt, poured concrete, and stamped concrete). Paver patios are easily kept by regular sweeping and occasional rinsing. Tough stains can be removed with a power washer with appropriate cleaning solutions or a simple spot treatment with a brush, cleaning solvent, and water. Pavers can be repaired by lifting the affected area, regrading and compacting the base and bedding sand and reinstalling the same pavers. It is an inexpensive procedure that leaves no unsightly repair patches.
  5. More Weather Resistant: Paver Patios can be in any climate and can be walked on right after installation. Cracking, which is common with traditional asphalt and concrete pavements, is not a issue with interlocking concrete pavers because of the joints between the pavers. Interlocking concrete pavers are a flexible system and allow for movement, they are almost indestructible, the pavement system moves in unison with the earth’s usual tendency to swell and contract over the long term thus avoiding any serious damage. Wind, rain, and snow won’t break down these bad boys.

Looking for Expert Paver Patio Installation in Middlesex County?

Jireh Landscaping and Tree Service has been a full service residential and commercial tree or stump removal, landscaping and hardscaping, mulching, sod seeding, top soil, fertilization, pruning, decorative stone, fall and spring cleanup, weed control, lawn aeration and gutter cleaning company in Central NJ operating since 1995. We serve the Middlesex County, New Jersey area in towns such as North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Edison, Old Bridge, and many more.

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Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Care

Have you ever considered commercial lawn care for your Middlesex County business? As a business owner, spending time mowing the lawn and edging your your business’ gets old fast. You have enough to take care of, so why add the maintenance of your (likely larger than residential properties) business’ lawn? Keep company for regular commercial lawn care to lighten your workload and enjoy many other benefits. Below are the top reasons why commercial lawn care is exactly what your business needs:

Benefits Of Commercial Lawn Care

Curb Appeal:

Make your business even more appealing to your customer base with commercial lawn care. A well-manicured lawn complete with beautifully-landscaped flora and fauna is always a business asset, because it shows your clients and suppliers that you care about your business’s appearance.

Employee Productivity:

Employees often feel more comfortable and enjoy more productive work days when their environment is well-kept and attractive. Elements of the natural world are believed to strengthen employee morale and commitment, as nature provides a soothing respite from urban life. Employees surrounded by beautiful greenery enjoy taking lunch breaks outdoors and come back to work refreshed and revitalized.


As said above, hiring a commercial lawn care company saves you considerable time as a business owner. You no longer have to worry about watering plants and shrubs, mowing the lawn, fertilizing, pest control, etc. Give yourself more time to focus on other aspects of your business when you opt for professional lawn services.

Looking for the Best Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Care?

Jireh Landscaping and Tree Service has been a full service residential and commercial tree or stump removal, landscaping and hardscaping, mulching, sod seeding, top soil, fertilization, pruning, decorative stone, fall and spring cleanup, weed control, lawn aeration and gutter cleaning company in Central NJ operating since 1995. We serve the Middlesex County, New Jersey area in towns such as North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Edison, Old Bridge, and many more.

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Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

Do you know how important it is to get Middlesex County fertilizer service? A healthy lawn needs more than trimming, water, and sunshine. It needs a balanced amount of good fertilizer applied regularly to keep it strong and fresh. Fertilizing your lawn also takes more than dumping a bag of store fertilizer on your lawn. For your convenience, we have some of the science of why you need fertilizer, what fertilizer you need, and how you should fertilize it. Here’s the why, what, and how!

Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn? | Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

The soil that your grass grows on should be rich in nutrients right now. All good soil has nutrients that help your grass to grow, and to keep it growing healthily. It keeps it green and alive. However, over time these nutrients are slowly depleted. Usually this is because they are washed away after numerous rain storms, sprinklers, and floods. Now your lawn does need this water to stay healthy, but the water will continue to take some nutrients with it every time it feeds your lawn. Therefore, your lawn will need to be replenished with these nutrients every once in a while, and that is where your fertilizer comes to help.

What Should I Fertilize My Lawn With?

When you go to look for soil fertilizers, mainly each fertilizer will carry different amounts of the following three nutrients: Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. Potassium makes your lawn stronger. It’s able to resist damage and disease a lot more as the potassium toughens up the grass. Phosphorus keeps the roots of your lawn and plants strong and healthy. This will tackle the base of the problem and help your lawn grow better than ever. Nitrogen works to help leaves grow, especially because it helps to produce chlorophyll. This chemical makes your leaves green and is necessary to the process of photosynthesis. All of these nutrients are extremely necessary in growing a healthy lawn. It is up to you as to which kind of fertilizer you get that may favor one nutrient over another. A professional would also be able to help you know which nutrient a struggling garden may need to grow back faster. Having more nitrogen in your fertilizers will definitely promote a healthier lawn. For added nitrogen, you could also leave some sprinkles of grass clippings on your lawn so they can decompose and give more nutrients back to your lawn. Proper lawn maintenance professionals will keep your lawn looking neat, while also giving it the extra nutrients it needs to stay strong.

How Should I Fertilize My Lawn? | Middlesex County Fertilizer Service

The two main types of fertilizer out there are either liquid or granular. Liquid is easier to use and fast acting for your lawn, but it still comes with problems. This fertilizer will require a lot more re-applications for it to keep working. It will also pose a higher risk of “burning” your lawn if you apply too much fertilizer. Granular fertilizers take more time, but you do not have to use them as often. One uses a rotary spreader to disperse this fertilizer on their lawn. This one is a more expensive than a liquid fertilizer, but there is much more room for margin of error if you plan to fertilize the lawn yourself. Of course, a professional can always help as well for a regularly fertilized yard. If your lawn needs a little more attention, a professional will be able to point you in the right direction.

Ready to Fertilize?

If you are looking for the best Middlesex County fertilizer service, give Jireh Landscaping a call today!

Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Service

As summer is pretty much here, we see about a thousand lawn mowers cutting the grass on every block. This process is hard, sweaty, takes forever, and constantly needs repeating. You do not want to endure another sweaty summer of lawn mower circles. Want to avoid endlessly riding or pushing a lawn mower? Consider hiring a Middlesex County commercial lawn service. This is guaranteed to make your summer much more relaxing. So kick back, and read about all the reasons why the professionals are the best choice.

It Saves You the Pain and Sweat | Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Service

You know how exhausting moving the lawn, trimming the hedges, and watering the garden is. Ordering regular lawn maintenance really takes a lot of work off your plate. You can even pull muscles or twist something if you are getting a bit older. Is it really worth the hassle of keeping the grass short if it is going to cause you so much discomfort? Not to mention the constant sweat. How many of your male neighbors have you seen mowing their lawns without a shirt? That just feels and looks uncomfortable. The sun gets hot and beats down on you, even if you are only sitting to plant a few flowers for a while, the heat can get to you. A professional in lawn service can keep your property looking great, and they will do it much faster and more efficiently. It saves you the energy to spend time with friends and family, or even to relax in the cool shade with a good book.

You Know It Will Always Look Amazing

Sure, you could hire your pre-teen son to mow the lawn, or the neighborhood kid trying to raise money to pull weeds, but they can only do so much. They may do a good job, but they are not the professionals. You will always be taking a risk hiring a younger kid to do the work. If you know your lawn needs more specialty care, you need people who know what they are doing. Let your neighbors know your lawn means business. When you hire the professionals, you know the result will always be what you are looking for. Get the best looking lawn with the best working lawn serviceman.

They Can Take Care of the Bigger Problems | Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Service

Sure, maybe you can handle cutting the grass and planting the flowers, but what about removing that over sized tree from the yard? What about moving the boulder, or setting up a stone path? This requires a lot more heavy lifting and professional equipment. A job like this will also take a lot more time, time that is precious and valuable. You can not afford to spend a whole day chopping a tree into a thousand pieces. Do you really want to spend every afternoon the next week laying rocks? After you get back from work, you are exhausted and want to relax. You also can’t always afford the time to take off to do it. If you get the professionals to handle it, you know the problem will be taken care of, no sweat. You are guaranteed the best results and you save a lot of headache and backache. Just hand over the reigns to the lawn maintenance crews you trust, and watch the magic happen.

Ready to Get Some Help?

If you need Middlesex County commercial lawn service, or residential lawn service, look to Jireh Landscaping and Tree Service. For more information about our services, you can visit our website or give us a quick call today.

Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Are you considering getting Middlesex County commercial lawn maintenance? Your property says a lot about the business that you run, whether you realize it or not. For many people, the first thing they will see is your lawn and landscaping. It’s important that your lawn is in great condition so you make a good first impression. Here are some benefits to hiring pros to take care of your lawn and property.

Benefits of Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn will look great! Have you ever driven by somewhere and seen those perfect lines across the grass? It has a very pleasing aesthetic that nearly everyone likes. It’s almost expected for certain established commercial locations to have a lawn that looks like this. You too can have a beautiful looking yard if you hire professional Middlesex County commercial lawn maintenance services. No more bald spots! Every now and then, you may have grass that dies or turns brown in certain areas. This is very unappealing and many people may be turned away from your business. With a professional lawn care service, they’ll be able to take care of this issue for you. You won’t have to worry about dead grass or bald spots in the lawn. By hiring Middlesex County commercial lawn maintenance professionals, you’ll have a healthy, full looking lawn! First impressions are extremely important! Having a professional image for your location means a lot to potential customers. When they drive by and see a well maintained lawn and landscape, they’re more likely to come in and purchase your goods or services. On the flip side, if your property doesn’t look so hot, people are more likely to not come in.

Looking for Professional Middlesex County Commercial Lawn Maintenance?

If you’re in need of expert Middlesex County commercial lawn maintenance, contact Jireh Landscaping today! They’ve been in the business since 1995 and know just what it takes to make your property look amazing. Whether you need lawn services or a full landscaping overhaul, Jireh can get it done. For more information, contact them today!

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Middlesex County Commercial Landscape Contractors

Everyone knows the importance of appearance and first impressions. When it comes to your commercial location, your landscaping will say a lot to potential customers. You want the image of your shop or business to be a good one that draws people in. To get this done, you need quality Middlesex County commercial landscape contractors on the job. Here are a few reasons why you should hand over landscaping work to the pros.

Why Do I Need Middlesex County Commercial Landscape Contractors?

It’ll look good! The most important part about professional landscaping is how good it looks. Everyone can tell by the lines in the grass whether it was done by pros or not. Having a beautifully maintained property can have amazing impacts on your company. You can draw in more customers! People walking or driving by will see your professionalism through your property first. If someone is exploring new places to go for any product or service, the chances that they stop at a place with great landscaping is higher than if it’s even just mediocre. Not only that, but your current customers will feel more satisfied or happy with the state of your property. If people are impressed with how your location looks, they may even be more likely to recommend it to others! Avoid the stress! Chances are, if you don’t have professional Middlesex County commercial landscape contractors doing your landscaping already, you may be doing it yourself. This can quickly become a tedious task that takes away from time you should be spending working or with your family. Do yourself a favor and eliminate that stress from your life! You’ll be glad you did.

Looking for the Best Middlesex County Commercial Landscape Contractors?

If you need high quality Middlesex County commercial landscape contractors to get to work on your property, contact Jireh Landscaping today! They’ve been in the business since 1995 and understand the important role that landscaping plays in a home or business. Whether you need lawn services or a full landscaping makeover, Jireh Landscaping can do it all. Contact them today for more information or a free estimate!

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Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

When it comes to Middlesex County backyard landscaping, there are a lot of options available for what you can do. Because we experience all four seasons here in the Northeast, any choice of landscaping will generally look good. The major deciding factor for what you do will be how much space you have to work with. Here are some popular options among homeowners for having a beautiful, functional backyard. Professional Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

Options for Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping

1. Patio – For many homeowners, having a patio installed is perfect. Whether you just like sitting out back or frequently have company, you’ll always have a place to gather on a nice day. They can be made to fit any aesthetic that you may have in mind and can really be a beautiful feature for your yard. 2. Garden – Gardens are another good option for many backyards. They can stay relatively close to the house, but may go out as far as you wish within property limits! Gardens are great for people who want another hobby or to grow some of their own food. The soil is amazing for growing here in the Garden State! Ask a landscaping a professional about adding a garden to your yard today! 3. Trees – Adding some trees can be good for several reasons, though it may be best suited for large yards. Trees do wonders for adding privacy to your home. Whether they’re used to block windows or just conceal your yard a bit, you’ll feel much more secure. They can also help to reduce the amount of noise that comes in from the outside. By including trees as part of your Middlesex County backyard landscaping, you’ll have something beautiful to look at in all seasons as well.

Looking for Professional Middlesex County Backyard Landscaping?

If you need the best in Middlesex County backyard landscaping, contact Jireh Landscaping today! Jireh can handle all of your landscaping needs whether it’s tree removal, basic lawn care, or a full landscaping makeover. Since 1995 they’ve offered high quality services to homeowners throughout Central NJ. For more information, contact them today!

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Middlesex County Patio Pavers

So, you’ve probably heard of paver patios before. Patio pavers are a beautiful and practical type of hardscaping that you can include throughout your yard. They offer a lot of bang for your buck and work well for adding creative accents to your current landscape. Below are some of the main types of patio pavers and their advantages. Middlesex County Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers & Their Advantages

Brick Patio Pavers:

Brick patio pavers are the most common types of pavers used for patios, walkways, paths, or driveways. They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and shades. They can be used to make eye-pleasing patterns for traditional, modern, or even Mediterranean landscapes. They are known for being:
  • Strong and durable in a variety of environments, climates, and traffic areas
  • Flexible in terms of where they are used and the installation conditions required for a nice finished product
  • Simple to install in a lower amount of time
  • Low maintenance for homeowners that don’t like spending much time maintaining their hardscaping

Concrete Patio Pavers:

Concrete patio pavers offer something different from poured concrete with the same durability and longevity of concrete. There are two main types of them: ones that interlock and architectural slab concrete. Interlocking pavers work just about anywhere in your yard. Architectural slab concrete isn’t suitable for driveway use but works well just about anywhere else. These types of pavers are:
  • Versatile for patio use and available in a wide variety of pattern and color options to match your style
  • Durable in a variety of weather conditions and usage patterns
  • Easy to maintain with regular sweeping and hosing down with a garden hose
  • Very easy to repair if one or a portion is damaged. Interlocking concrete patio pavers can be removed and replaced without doing any damage to the rest of the patio.
  • Available in just about any color.

Looking for Patio Pavers & Installation Services in Middlesex County NJ?

Jireh Landscaping and Tree Service has been a full service residential and commercial tree or stump removal, landscaping and hardscaping, mulching, sod seeding, top soil, fertilization, pruning, decorative stone, fall and spring cleanup, weed control, lawn aeration and gutter cleaning company in Central NJ operating since 1995. We serve the Middlesex County, New Jersey area in towns such as North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Edison, Old Bridge, and many more.

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Middlesex County Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Do you have a large property and need help with Middlesex County lawn and garden maintenance? Taking proper care of your property is extremely time consuming and includes a lot of heavy labor. Many people simply don’t have the time or means to keep it up themselves. If this is your situation, Jireh Landscaping can help. Here are some of the services that they offer. Middlesex County NJ Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Jireh Landscaping – Middlesex County Lawn and Garden Maintenance

1. Residential Services – Jireh provides many types of work for residential spaces. They provide a lot of work with trees, including tree removal, stump grinding, and planting landscaping trees. Having trees on your property can either be a blessing or a curse and they’ll help you decide what the best course of action is. They also provide basic lawn care services and will be able to take care of any spring or fall cleanup work you need done. 2. Commercial Services – Like residential locations, commercial locations need a lot of landscaping done as well. The first thing people will see as they arrive is the landscaping outside and it can say a lot as a first impression. Jireh can provide all of your landscaping and hardscaping needs from lawn and tree care maintenance to full landscape design and installation. Snow removal is another essential service for any commercial location and Jireh can provide that as well.

Do You Need Professional Middlesex County Lawn and Garden Maintenance?

Whether you are a homeowner who lacks the time to maintain your lawn well or are a business owner who wants to bring in more customers, Jireh can provide all of your landscaping needs. From Middlesex County lawn and garden maintenance to complete landscape design and installation, they have the expertise and tools necessary to do the job right. Jireh Landscaping has been around since 1995 performing high quality landscaping services. For more information on their services, contact them today!

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